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Going On Vacation? Don’t Forget To Program Your Thermostat

Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to break out your sunglasses, put gas in the car, and head out for your annual family vacation. But before you embark on your summer getaway, don’t forget to program your thermostat for your absence.

Why program my thermostat while I’m on vacation?

By letting the temperature rise just a few degrees higher than you would have it while you were at home, you can save quite a lot of money on your utility bill.

In fact, during the winter, you can save 5% on heating costs by lowering your thermostat by two degrees. The same is true (but in reverse) during the summer when it comes to cooling costs.

What temperature is best to set my thermostat while I’m gone?

The temperature that’s best to set your thermostat while you’re on vacation depends on whether you have pets staying at your house. Pets can typically handle a warm house, but a house can easily turn into an oven without a working AC unit.

To keep your pets safe and secure, let your thermostat rise four to five degrees higher than usual. This will help save you money on your utility bill while also guaranteeing your pets will be comfortable while you’re gone.

If you’re not leaving behind any pets and, instead, leaving behind some houseplants it’s recommended by many HVAC services and the EPA to keep your thermostat at 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help you save money on your utilities while also making it easier for you to come home to a comfortable house.

Why can’t I turn off my HVAC system completely?

Houses can become ovens without air conditioning systems, especially in hot and humid climates. Without your HVAC system running while you’re away, the weather may wreak havoc on your house’s wood, drywall, and sheetrock.

The last thing you want is to come home to peeling wallpaper and warped wood. Even your artwork, documents, electronics, and wine can be harmed by weather higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before you head out on vacation, it’s a good idea to be sure your HVAC system is working efficiently to keep your home and pets safe from heat and humidity. Contact your local HVAC services at Pioneer Heating and Air to schedule your HVAC system maintenance today.

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