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Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioning System This Summer

It’s July and blistering summer heat is here.  We’re certain you don’t want to get caught with a broken AC unit just as the temperatures rise. Two-thirds of homes in the United States have air conditioning systems, many of which haven’t been paid mind to since the end of last summer.

When running your air conditioning system to fight away the summer heat, there’s some preventative maintenance that’ll have you in tip-top shape and not calling for AC repair services. What are those tips? Let’s find out.

Things you can do yourself

Check and replace filters, clean the outdoor unit, install programmable thermostats, all of these things are easy to do yourself. Many people either neglect the DIY things wholly or wait too long to address them. Minor details should be checked when running your AC unit this season.


Many times, an air conditioning system isn’t to blame. Ever had a room that just doesn’t seem to get cool during the summer? It’s likely the same room that doesn’t get warm in the winter. This has a great deal to do with faulty ducting. If your ducts have even the most minor leaks, the efficiency of your AC unit plummets. Meanwhile, it’s working overtime because it thinks the house isn’t cooling. Be on the prowl for leaky ducting.

Professional help

Paramount to keeping your air conditioning system healthy is admitting when you need help. The first step in this AC check process involved things you can do yourself. There are other elements of your air conditioning system that should remain in the hands of professional AC repair services. It’s better not to run the risk of breaking something whilst trying to do it yourself. Get in touch with the pros, they’ll know what to do and how to guide you forward when you’re utterly clueless.

As the heat turns up, make sure you’re ready for it by keeping your air conditioning system in tact before the beads of sweat begin to roll. Between your own preparation and professional guidance, you shouldn’t have any problem cooling off this summer. Check your specs now so you can chill later.

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