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Did you know that approximately 50% of home heating fires occur from December to February? Heating issues might not seem all that common, but the truth is that overlooking some small problem could lead to a much bigger one.

If you want to prevent major heating issues in your home this winter, you need to know how to spot common furnace issues. Here’s a short list of some of the most common furnace problems and what you can do about them to prevent a larger issue from surfacing.

Dirty Filters
If you notice poor air flow coming from your vents, it could be an issue of dirty or clogged filters. Newsflash: filters need to be changed at least once every few months to ensure they’re clean and allowing air to flow through unobstructed. Not only will this inhibit your furnace from functioning properly, it could damage the air quality in your home.

Wear and Tear
Furnaces get old, and just like any other piece of equipment used daily in your home, they can break down from age alone. Taking great care of your furnace doesn’t necessarily mean that it will go unaffected by age. If your furnace is getting up in the 12 to 15 year range, it could be time to call in the professional heating contractor to perform furnace repairs or to assess your furnace and help you select a new one.

Lack of Proper Maintenance
Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t just turn your furnace on and off without ever calling for HVAC services. Furnace repair might not always be necessary, but it’s important to have your unit inspected at least twice every year, preferably in the spring and in the fall. Keeping up with regular maintenance and inspections could prevent some issues from ever becoming issues in the first place.

Above all else, make sure you’re paying attention to your furnace. If something seems wrong or out of the ordinary, call and make sure it gets checked out. Even if it turns out to be nothing, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your heating is perfectly fine.

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