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How Can I Benefit From A Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

HVAC system maintenance is essential not only for optimal efficiency but for optimal comfort during both heating and cooling seasons. It’s for this reason that preventative maintenance is recommended twice a year, once in spring and once in fall.

However, it can be a struggle to remember to call your local HVAC service twice a year when you usually only think of your HVAC services when there’s a problem. For this reason, it can be incredibly beneficial to sign up for a preventative maintenance program.

But what does a preventative maintenance program entail and what are the benefits of signing up for one?

Preventative Maintenance Programs

A preventative maintenance agreement ensures your home’s HVAC system receives a twice-a-year inspection to keep it running smoothly and efficiently as possible. A twice-a-year inspection can also reduce the likelihood of soot buildup in your system burners, which are typically caused by poorly-adjusted gas valves.

Those who sign such an agreement can benefit from the following:

Savings. A maintenance agreement is comparable to a twice-a-year tune-up. What’s more, on top of this discount, your HVAC system’s efficiency will be improved more frequently which reduces your monthly utility bills.

Priority service. A maintenance agreement puts you at the top of the list when it comes to service calls. That means you won’t have to worry about sitting on the waiting list with a broken air conditioner once the warm weather returns.

Fewer repairs. A maintenance agreement also means you’re less likely to need repairs. Maintenance prevents major problems from happening later on with your system, which could not only be more expensive but also more bothersome.

Why Sign Up With Pioneer Heating And Air

When you sign up for a maintenance agreement with Pioneer Heating and Air, you sign up for a twice-a-year inspection, first-priority repair calls, a 5% discount on all repairs and replacements, and a two-year warranty on all repairs.

Pioneer Heating and Air will check your defrost cycle, refrigerant levels, reversing valve, oil motor, and dozens of other HVAC system features to guarantee the quality functioning and efficiency of your system. For more information on our residential preventative maintenance plan and commercial pricing, contact Pioneer Heating and Air today.

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