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Although we enjoyed some days with mild temperatures and sunshine in late January, last week’s brush with snow serves notice that winter is far from over. And the system that provided the pleasant dusting of snow locally blasted the Northeast with a blizzard, reminding us that we, too, may see extreme conditions before winter’s end.

So if we get a few days of seasonable weather soon, it would be a good time to take steps to ensure that your home is prepared for severe winter weather in the weeks to come. Two good ways to get ready for bad weather are having a preventive maintenance check performed on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, and looking into installing a standby generator for your electrical system. Preventive Maintenance. Pioneer Heating and Air recommends having your HVAC system serviced twice a year, when you are about to start using it during the summer and winter months. However, if you haven’t had yours checked recently, it would be a good idea to have it serviced now.

Why now? Well, would you take an elevator that you knew hadn’t been properly maintained? A taxi? An airliner? Probably not. And you really shouldn’t treat your HVAC system any differently. In a worst-case scenario, failing to have your HVAC system serviced could lead to potentially life-threatening natural gas or carbon monoxide leaks. While such leaks are rare, regular maintenance helps ensure they won’t happen at all.

That example, although extreme, illustrates what preventive maintenance does on the more commonplace level: It catches small problems before they become big, expensive breakdowns. With a Pioneer preventive maintenance checkup, a licensed technician will go over your whole system – the wiring, pressure, ignition, motor, blower assembly, and more – to ensure that everything is operating safely and efficiently.

If you’d like to be confident that your HVAC is in top form the next time the temperatures plummet, call us at (865) 351-0787 to schedule your HVAC check today.

Standby generators. Just as preventive maintenance is intended to make sure your HVAC system works when it’s needed, a standby generator ensures your home continues to have electricity in an emergency. A generator not only means your HVAC system keeps working, it allows you to keep your electronic media charged to stay in touch with your family members and hear emergency broadcasts. It will also ensure that home medical devices, such as ventilators, remain functional.

Pioneer Heating and Air can work with you to determine the right size generator for your house. We will be happy to come to your home to perform a free evaluation of your house’s power demands and give you an estimate of your electricity needs in the event of a power outage. (865) 351-0787 With that information, you can consider a range of generator options. These vary from generators that power only essential functions (e.g., your HVAC system) to generators that supply your entire house’s electrical needs.

For more information, please visit, or call us at 865-922-2817 to arrange your free in-home power evaluation.

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