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DIY projects can be a fun way to challenge yourself to something new. Whether it’s painting a desk or crafting your own wall art, DIY is an adventure. Despite the vast number of projects that fall into the DIY category, there are some things that you should never attempt to do if you’re not a professional.

HVAC repairs are one of those things. Keeping up with basic maintenance like changing filters and cleaning around your HVAC system can and should be done by you, but any fine-tuned repairs or other maintenance issues should only be handled by those who specialize in AC repair. If that doesn’t convince you already, here are a few good reasons you should never DIY AC and furnace repairs.

Health Problems
When you deal with HVAC services, you’re essentially affecting the air quality in your home. Not only can improper equipment installation decrease your home’s HVAC efficiency by up to 30%, it can have lasting effects on your family’s health such as causing respiratory infections and asthma by breathing in the unclean air. Even the most experienced DIY people may not be able to get a solid handle on the training that professional heating contractors have, so leave installation to the experts.

Legal Implications
You might not think that installing an HVAC system requires any permissions from the government, but the truth is that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires anyone working with refrigerant, which is what makes the air conditioning cold, to have an EPA 608 certification, which can only be obtained through specific training programs.

General Lack of Knowledge
As previously stated, HVAC is a little bit more complex than your average electric heater. It takes a lot of specialized training to be able to master knowledge of all of the small issues that could be present and how exactly to fix them.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your HVAC system, turn on that electric heater and call your HVAC company!

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