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As the weather this week reminds us, we need to be ready for severe weather. There are many measures you can take to prepare for severe weather and power outages. These include stocking up on non-perishable food items, keeping plenty of flashlights and fresh batteries, having plenty of blankets and warm clothes, and keeping an emergency kit with clothes and supplies ready to grab if you must leave your house. The federal government has even developed a Website to assist families in planning for emergencies ( Yet, the best emergency preparation may be having an automatic standby generator installed.

One of the best things about having a standby generator is peace of mind. Record lows are being set this week, high winds are developing, and another round of snow and ice is set to move in tonight through tomorrow morning. Any of these weather elements may cause additional power outages over a broad swath of East Tennessee, which is a major concern for us all. However, families whose homes have an automatic standby generator can be secure in the knowledge that if electrical lines are downed, they will still have power.

Automatic standby generators are self-activating, coming on seconds after electricity goes out and shutting off again when power is restored. They run on a home’s natural gas or liquid propane supply, so there is no worrying about refueling them frequently. Since a standby generator is permanently installed outside of a home, it doesn’t have to be lugged out of the basement or moved around to different rooms, as is the case with portable generators. And a standby generator eliminates the ventilation issues that gasoline-powered portable generators present. Overall, permanent standby generators provide greater comfort and ease of use than portable ones.

If you believe an automatic standby generator is right for your family’s needs, Pioneer Heating and Air is ready to help. We are a Pro Power Elite Dealer for Generac generators. This means our staff of professionals is fully trained in assessing your power supply needs and installing, maintenancing and repairing a generator that meets your expectations. You can find complete details about our generator installation services here:

In East Tennessee, we don’t often face such extremes of cold and ice as we’ve experienced this week. But that doesn’t mean it never happens. Remember the blizzard of ’93 or the day in January of ’85 when Knoxville was the coldest spot in the nation at minus 24 degrees Fahrenheit? Also, more and more frequently, we are seeing severe and even life-threatening spring storms. So, if you are ready to investigate the security an automatic generator offers against these threats, give us a call at (865) 351-0787 , and we will provide you with an in-home evaluation, free of charge, to tell you what your energy needs would be in a power outage.

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