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When the mercury dips below the freezing mark, isn’t it nice to be warm and cozy inside with the heat running? And wouldn’t it be awful if you turned your furnace on and nothing happened? That’s why it’s important to have your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system inspected now, before the really cold winter weather sets in.

While it’s best to have your system checked in spring or fall when it’s not in use, if you haven’t had your HVAC inspected for a while (or at all), now is the time to start scheduling regular checkups. Why? Well, you wouldn’t drive your car indefinitely without having regular maintenance done on it, would you? And keeping your home heating and air system functioning at top form is at least as important as keeping your car running smoothly, isn’t it? So schedule a heating and air system inspection today, and secure these benefits.

Safety. An inspection will reveal if your system is at risk for natural gas or carbon monoxide leaks that could harm you and your family.

Efficiency. Your HVAC may not be operating at peak efficiency. Leaks in the heat exchanger, dust and debris in the blower compartment or elsewhere and other factors may be inhibiting its performance. An inspection can let you know where function can be improved.

Cost savings. Poor HVAC system performance translates into higher utility bills for you. Increased efficiency after an inspection should lower your heating and air conditioning costs.

Air quality. East Tennessee’s allergy-causing pollen and mold are well known. Besides pollen and mold spores, dust, dirt and other materials can build up over time in your HVAC system, reducing your home’s air quality. An inspection can determine if cleaning is necessary. A cleaner system can offer not only improved operation, it can make the atmosphere in your home more breathable, too.

Don’t wait until an emergency happens to have your HVAC system checked. Instead, ensure that your system will continue to do its job when temperatures dive to subfreezing. Call Pioneer Heating and Air at (865) 351-0787 to schedule your system inspection today.

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