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How to Avoid a Heating System Emergency

How to Avoid a Heating System Emergency

When a cold snap hits, you rely on your heater to keep the inside of your home warm and toasty. The last thing you want is for your heating system to malfunction, so you are left cold while you try to drum up money for an expensive repair or replacement. Thankfully, you can avoid most emergency heating system service calls by caring for your system with these three tips.

Stay on a Maintenance

Schedule If you want to extend the lifetime of your heating unit so you can get the most for your money, preventative maintenance is crucial. Suppose you have certified technicians check your unit once or twice a year and provide routine maintenance. In that case, you can identify potential problems before they become major and keep your unit running smoothly. During a maintenance visit, an HVAC technician will check to ensure all of the connections to your heating system are tight and secure. The technician will also clean the system and filter to improve indoor air quality before analyzing individual components of the unit to ensure they are working properly. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your heating system running smoothly.

Replace Your System When It Ages

Since new heating systems are expensive, it may seem like a good idea to put off replacing an aging system until it completely stops working. However, this ensures you will have to hire emergency HVAC services at some point because you never know when the unit will break. Making a few repairs is more cost-efficient than buying a new unit, but if you have to spend money frequently to keep your heating system running, it is time to replace the system. A new heating system will also help you save on utility bills because new models are more energy-efficient. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to replace the system.

• A burning smell that lingers when you turn the system on

• Power bills that are higher than usual

• Uneven heating in your house

• Strange noises when the unit is running

• The heater never kicks on when you try to run it

Leave the Repairs to Professionals

If you consider yourself to be handy with other appliances, you may be tempted to make HVAC repairs yourself to save money when your heating system malfunctions unexpectedly. This could end up costing significantly more than calling a technician because heating systems are complex, and you need a certain set of skills and knowledge to identify and resolve the correct issue. Instead of spending money guessing which heating components are malfunctioning, call a professional immediately to ensure the issue is resolved correctly. This practice will prevent you from accidentally doing irreparable damage to your heating system.

If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC company in Knoxville, Tennessee, to provide you with routine maintenance services that will keep your heating system running smoothly for many years, Pioneer Heating & Air is here to help. Our expert technicians are standing by, ready to assist you with both maintenance services and repairs so you can feel confident your heater will function properly whenever cold weather hits. Our family-owned business has been helping residents of Knoxville stay warm since 1981, so you can feel confident we know what we’re doing when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your heating system. Contact us today to set up a schedule for preventative maintenance for your heating system.

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