Do you know what your home’s Radon level is?

Radon occurs naturally, so it’s safe right?


Radon is a radioactive gas that is odorless, colorless, tasteless and chemically inert. Radon is present in the environment and in EVERY home. The issue with radon is that when it breaks down, it becomes what is known as radon decay products.  Decay products can be inhaled and stick to the lung tissue. It potentially can alter the DNA of  the lung tissue which could lead to lung cancer. Radon is the leading cause of lung-cancer in  nonsmokers, and the second leading cause after direct smoking, according to The American Lung Association and the EPA! 

Radon Mitigation

Now we know that Radon is dangerous, is it in your home?

Nearly 8 million US homes, or 1 out of every 15, have radon levels above the EPA’s 4 pCi/L “action” limit and nearly 1 out of 6 exceed the EPA’s 2 pCi/L “consider action” limit. The average person receives a higher radiation dose from radon at home than from all other natural or man-made sources combined. The only way to know if radon is a problem in a home or building is to test for it. Testing is inexpensive and takes only a few days; homeowners can purchase an EPA approved radon test kit from Pioneer Heating and Air Conditioning. If a home or building is found to have high levels of radon, several solutions are available which we would be happy to discuss with you. So let us help you have a safe and happy home, contact us today to get started. 

Radon is one of the most common environmental health threats people face, but with the right monitoring and prevention steps, one of the easiest to prevent. For more information call Pioneer Heating and Air Conditioning today at 865-922-2817.