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  1. Angel Uberto on

    PH&A installed a whole house stand by Generac LP generator. Austin Noe was our sales/customer representative with whom it was a pleasure to work and the installation team was very professional. The installation was a bit out of ordinary due to electrical configuration in my home and movement of circuits from panel to panel for desired backup coverage. The team kept me well informed throughout install and provided temporary power for essential needs during expected power outage. Although newly installed by other firm, Pioneer reviewed the HVAC system for any potential needs and recommended adjustments to obtain higher efficiency. I would highly recommend Pioneer for your backup power needs. If the HVAC service is as good as the power services, they would have my recommendation as well.

  2. Kate Hansen on

    I like how you included that a generator can be a lifesaving piece of equipment. My husband has been thinking about getting a generator for our home and he wanted to know the benefits. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him if he decides to get one for our home.

  3. Ellie Davis on

    It’s interesting to know that you need to perform a visual inspection of your air conditioning ducts to make sure they are not leaking. One of my husband employees told him about a leak in his office, and I’m looking for advice to help him. I will call an HVAC contractor to fix that problem before it escalates into something worse.

  4. Kevin Harris on

    The thing is I am just moving in a new house and still there’s a lot to unpack! Any tip for me. I am guessing I should start with a cooler before my HVAC is repaired as I found out later that the furnace needed replacement.

  5. tubegalore on

    Even though OPTION 1 may sound like an easy fix, the price of R22 refrigerant is subject to shrinking supply. This may make R22 very expensive. While R-22 remains available for servicing equipment made before 2010, it is important to know that supplies of R-22 will become more limited and the price of this refrigerant may increase, says the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute.

  6. melinda on

    Mrs. Davis thank you for your input on this article. Making sure your HVAC system and duct work are clear from debris will help your system to run more efficient. We would love to discuss this further so if you have any more questions please call us at 865-922-2817.

  7. melinda on

    Ms. Gonzales there are a couple of reasons that you may be feeling some heat behind the louvered door to your unit. A quick check for you is to make sure the fan is in the “auto” position when the AC is on. If the fan is in the ON position, when the AC cycle shuts off the fan will continue to run. This will blow air through the vents even when the AC shuts off. That air may feel warmer. Thanks for your question. We would love to discuss this further so give us a call at 865-922-2817.