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No matter the season, it’s important to make sure you’re receiving quality HVAC services. But spring is here, which means if you’re getting a new AC unit you need to pay extra mind to the installation techniques your HVAC company is using.
It might not seem important to ask about and monitor your HVAC installation techniques, but improper equipment installation can actually decrease heating and cooling efficiency by up to 30%. Here are some other reasons why you need to pay attention to proper AC installation techniques.
What does proper installation mean?
Unfortunately, proper installation isn’t necessarily something that you can spot right off the bat. An AC unit that’s not installed properly might seem to work just as well as any other unit, but you might be in for a nasty surprise when your next energy bill comes. Proper installation means taking the time to ensure that every component of an AC unit is secure and functioning before leaving the premises. In addition, in-depth inspections of the AC unit’s location should be performed before it’s placed there. This can go a long way in preventing future issues with your HVAC systems.
How does proper installation benefit me?
Well, that’s simple. Proper installation ensures that your AC will have a long, productive, and efficient life cooling your home. Replacing your AC unit is definitely a smart idea, but unless you’re working with professional air conditioner contractors, you might run into some unforeseen issues in the future.
How to make sure your AC is installed properly:
Ask questions. Be thorough in your inspection of your own property and in your search for professional air conditioner contractors. Knowing when to ask a question is extremely useful, and if your HVAC company is willing to answer and explain the steps to you, then you’re in good hands. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. After all, we’re here to ease them and ensure excellent service.
Whether you’re looking for a completely new AC or you’re simply in need of repairs, make sure a thorough inspection is performed before and after installation is complete. You’ll definitely be glad you learned why AC installation techniques are so important.

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