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Has this ever happened to you? After a hard day’s work, you drive home through the steamy summer evening haze and walk into the house – expecting to feel the refreshing flow of cool air from your vents – only to find that your AC unit has broken down, and it’s 90 degrees inside. Is there anything more maddening?

Although East Tennessee is experiencing a cool snap right now, long-range forecasts project us to have another hotter than usual summer. That means high demand on your air conditioning unit is rapidly approaching.

Given that this winter was one of the coldest (and longest!) in recent memory, your HVAC unit has already endured a long period of heavy use. And with the long interval since your air conditioning has run, electrical connections could have loosened, condensate lines could have become blocked, coils could have gathered dirt and other maintenance concerns may have arisen.
These kinds of issues can inhibit your air conditioner’s operation. And if your AC unit isn’t working at peak efficiency, your utility bill will swell when the summer heat arrives. So it’s important that you have your unit checked before the really severe heat sets in. At Pioneer Heating and Air, we provide a qualified technician to perform a preventive maintenance inspection, including checking:

  • electrical connections and wiring
  • condensate line for drainage, if accessible
  • outside coil conditions
  • compressor operation
  • refrigerant pressures
  • volts and amp draw on electrical components
  • Delta Ton inside unit
  • thermostat operations
  • safety controls
  • air filter
  • noise and vibration levels
  • overall operation of system

Our technician will also check and lube motors and bearings, and, if requested, turn off the humidifier.
With all this for just $89.95, why not give us a call at (865) 351-0787 to set your appointment today? Don’t be that person who comes home, expecting to relax in cool comfort inside the house, and finds it’s even more miserable indoors than out because the air conditioner isn’t working.
After all, coming home to a failed air conditioning unit in the height of summer is enough to drive you crazy, and who needs that kind of stress?  Instead, get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your air conditioning will keep running like it should all summer long.

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