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Some engineered systems are designed to “run to failure,” meaning they are allowed to operate until they fail, and then they undergo maintenance. But for most engineered systems we deal with in everyday life, “run to failure” is an expensive option. Instead, we perform preventive maintenance on them, checking their operating efficiency, correcting any problems and replacing parts, as needed.

For example, cars require periodic upkeep, including oil changes, filter replacements, and other, standard preventive maintenance. If you skip these tune-ups, you’ll soon find yourself in the market for a new car. If you have preventive maintenance done on your car regularly, why wouldn’t you do the same for your home’s air conditioner, which, according to, accounts for half of the average house’s energy costs?

But if you are still skeptical, just ask yourself these questions:

Do I want to save money on my utility bills?
Do I want my air conditioner to operate at peak efficiency?
Do I want to avoid costly air conditioning breakdowns at the height of summer?
Do I want my current air conditioner to last as long as possible?
Do I want my home’s air quality to be at its best? 

Assuming you answered “Yes” to the questions above, now you know why your air conditioner needs periodic, preventive maintenance.

Regular tune-ups ensure your air conditioner is operating as it should be. Just something as simple as changing your air filter once a month prevents clogging and maintains optimum air flow. Keeping air flow at an optimum level means your system doesn’t have to work as hard or run as long to cool your home. And that means decreased costs and increased operating efficiency, which in turn promotes longer system life and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns. All of which means better air quality for your home.

Of course, to get the most out of your air conditioner, just changing your filters frequently isn’t enough. That’s why Pioneer Heating and Air Conditioning offers a complete air conditioner inspection, which provides the following services:

Check refrigerant (Freon) pressures.
Check compressor operation.
Check electrical connections and wiring.
Check and lube motors and bearings.
Check volts and amp draw on electrical components.
Check outside coil conditions.
Check Delta Ton inside unit.
Check condensate line for drainage (if accessible).
Check thermostat operations.
Check safety controls.
Check air filter/replace (not supplied).
Check noise and vibration levels.
Check overall operation of system.
Turn off humidifier (if requested) 

A qualified technician performs the inspection and makes necessary adjustments to keep the air conditioning system working smoothly, just as an automobile mechanic does regular tune-ups of your car. And that’s a much better option than letting an air conditioner “run to failure” and then facing expensive repair and replacement costs, don’t you think?

So why not give us a call at 865-922-2817, and let us ensure your air conditioner is functioning as it should be.

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