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For most homes, heating and air conditioning can account for almost 48% of the energy use in an average American household. Almost every home owns a furnace of some sort, whether it be natural gas, electricity or fuel oil. HVAC services are often the largest expense for most household budgets. Making sure to hire an HVAC company or contractor to perform proper installation is essential to avoiding preventable repairs and ultimately peace of mind with the changing seasons.

Not only is heating and air conditioning important to consider when owning a home, but having a generator for emergency situations is vital as well. A good HVAC company should offer these products in addition to the standard HVAC systems. Generators come in two types: standby and portable.
Usually once a week, standby generators are set to operate to ensure they are in working condition in case of a power outage. Standby or stationary generators put out enough watts to power an entire house. This includes central heat and air conditioning.

As the summer months begin, power outages are more likely with more than 60% of homes owning air conditioning units. For this reason, making sure the HVAC company you choose is equipped and skilled in servicing your every need is crucial. Consider companies that offer energy efficient units and generators as well as heating and cooling systems. Because at the end of the day, safety, security and reliability are unmatched in customer service.

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