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During a hot summer day or a cold winter night, your heating and cooling system is your best friend. But what happens when it breaks down right during the most inopportune time? You are then left sweltering hot or blistering cold, and in need of some repairs. Here are some tips to keep your HVAC system properly maintained and working efficiently.

Things to Do Now
1. Clear a two-foot space around outdoor AC units.
This space will provide easy access for any AC repair professionals.

2.Buy a high efficiency pleated air filter.

3.Keep your AC unit free of dirt, grass, leaves and other debris.

Things to Do Monthly or Seasonally
1. Replace your air filter every month during the summer and every six weeks when you are using heat. This replacement will ensure your HVAC system performs well, and will also guarantee you are only breathing in clean, fresh air without allergens. Make sure to check regularly if you have pets!

2.Perform a visual inspection of your air conditioning ducts to ensure they are not leaking. This is crucial as 25% of your home’s heat is lost through small cracks and holes. If you see holes contact a reliable air conditioning company to help you out. Some companies even offer round the clock air conditioning repair in case you have an emergency.

3. Have experienced installation experts inspect your HVAC system twice a year; before the hot season starts in the spring and again in the fall before the cooler weather comes. They will assess the cleanliness and structural integrity of the machine and will search for obstructions, excess moisture, and microbial contamination. This will determine if the HVAC system is compromised due to contamination build up and what measures need to be taken to fix it. Twice a year inspections will also reduce the likelihood of soot build up in the burners, which are usually the result of poorly adjusted gas valves.

Things to Do Annually
1.Replace your carbon monoxide detector batteries.

2.Ensure AC unit outside is on firm and level ground

3. Clear the AC condense drain with a mixture of water and bleach to dislodge and prevent clogs.

With these tips in mind, your heating and cooling system will be working smoothly all year round!

For any of your HVAC needs, contact the experts at Pioneer today!

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