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Now that winter is finally starting to settle in, you’ve probably already heard that it’s time to have your heating system inspected twice a year for air quality and system efficiency… But another important tip to keep in mind is the importance of having a backup generator!
Having a generator in the summertime is probably more a matter of convenience so that your air conditioning unit can continue running, but in the wintertime when it’s freezing outside, having heat is of the utmost importance.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying a generator — before it gets too cold out!

For a backup heating source This is probably the most obvious point, and it’s also the most important one. You’ll want to know the phone number of a reliable heating repair service in case your home heating system breaks down, but no heating repair services or emergency air repair technician can get your heating and air conditioning system running if the power goes out! A backup generator can actually be a lifesaving piece of equipment.

To continue running your business Maybe you operate a small store in town, or maybe you work as a freelancer from home. It’s important to have a backup power source so that you can keep working! There were well over 3,000 power outages in 2014 which affected an estimated 14.2 million people, and one small power outage can be verycostly to a small business.

Portable generators provide power no matter where you are For heating your home, you’ll probably want to look at a standby generator that provides between 5,000 and 15,000 watts of power — but portable generators are great for people who need power outside of the house. Avid campers would definitely benefit from having a portable generator on hand.

To keep essential appliances running The most important appliance for many homeowners will be the refrigerator — milk and cheese are not cheap these days, and no one wants to replace a whole fridge of food because the power went out for three days straight. Other appliances might include mobile devices, like your cell phone or laptop, your home security system, or even certain medical equipment. To keep the sump pump running What’s worse than having your power go off in the middle of a storm? Having your sump pump turn off too, which then results in a flooded basement. And trust us, water damage is not cheap to repair.

For a nightlight Most kids get a little nervous when there’s a huge storm and all the power — lights included — turn off. Something as small as a nightlight at bedtime can help keep young kids calm. After all, as everyone knows, lights scare away monsters who like to hide in closets. It’s always important to have a heating repair service in mind for emergencies — but also having a backup generator is still one of the smartest moves any homeowner can make.

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