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Top 5 Ways A Generator Saves You From Total Disaster

Did you know that standby generators produce between 5,000 and 15,000 watts of power? This is enough to power everything in your house. Seeing as the repercussions of a power outage can be quite severe, from flooding to fires, having a backup generator to keep the lights on is important. The following are ways your natural gas or propane powered standby generator can come in handy.

    1. Gas Furnace
      If you are in an area that has suffered a spontaneous blizzard or ice storm, it’s a good chance your power has gone out due to downed power lines or a break in the gas line. Cold weather is an especially dangerous time to have no power. Having a generator to keep the natural gas flowing into your heating system could quite literally save your family’s lives.
    1. Refrigerator
      When the power goes out, in the summer especially, you must be mindful of the contents of your fridge. Spoiled food can waste a lot of money, and if you aren’t careful you could get food poisoning. A generator keeps the fridge running and the food cold.
    1. Sump Pump
      A sump pump, for those of you with basements, is what pumps groundwater out of your basement, preventing flooding. If your area is going through flooding and the power goes out, your stationary generator will have more than enough power to keep it pumping and prevent damage to your basement.
    1. Internet
      If you live in an area going through a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, you will need news updates by the minute. Keeping the internet running is important for getting the information you need to stay safe in an uncertain time.
  1. Phones
    Everybody have smartphones these days. While you don’t need to worry about downed phone lines like you once needed to, keeping your cell charged is still a concern. The ability to communicate with others outside of the storm will put their mind at ease and assuage feelings of isolation you might otherwise suffer.

Follow your power outage you should have your heating systems repaired or checked for damages. A generator can get you out of some nasty situations. Just make sure to keep up with home maintenance and HVAC care. If you need help with this or have any questions about generators or heating services, call today!

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