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Why You Should Be Getting A Tune Up On Your Furnace Before Winter

As summer hits the road and autumn hangs its coat on the door, it’s about that time of the year to begin looking at your furnace. Your furnace may not have been at the forefront of your mind during the sweltering heat, but with winter quickly approaching you’ll want to ensure that your heating system is up to par.

It’s essential to perform an initial maintenance check on your furnace before turning it on the season; nearly 50% of all residential heating fires occur between December and February. Think your furnace will be okay without a checkup? Here’s why you may be wrong.

Catching malfunctions before they happen

One of the best things about performing a maintenance inspection on your heating system before winter rolls in is that you’ll be able to catch the smaller malfunctions before they become big problems. A small furnace repair is far cheaper and far easier to take care of than an entire furnace overhaul. By providing your furnace with a maintenance checkup throughout the year, but especially as autumn trickles in, you can keep your furnace going strong for years.

In addition to saving money, making a small furnace repair here and there because of something you caught during a maintenance inspection will also help to you and your family safe. Larger amounts of damage such as a cracked heat exchanger can very well lead to a carbon monoxide leak. Quick repairs made due to early detection will help keep your furnace functioning and your family safe from dangerous gases.

Maintaining energy efficiency

Without routine cleaning and maintenance, your furnace can eat away at your utility bill because it’s overworking itself when it shouldn’t have to. Before you turn your furnace on to warm your toes after pumpkin picking, clean out its filters which have been collecting dust all summer. The last thing you need during the cold season is a summer’s worth of pet dander giving you a respiratory illness.

Cleaning your filters improves our energy efficiency because it makes the air ducts of your home easier for the warm air to move through. Getting a tune up on your furnace in the late summer or early autumn can also help contribute to energy efficiency and generally longer furnace life. A furnace tune up every year could make your furnace last as long as 20 years. That’s as long as a home’s roof.

Having furnace repair services take a look at your furnace every year is a great idea. But it’s also a great idea to have your furnace checked out right before winter when it’s been out of use for a while. Not only will it improve your furnace’s general efficiency, but it can also help protect your family against leakages and dust. For a furnace repair service you can trust, contact Pioneer Heating and Air today.

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