air conditioning companies in knoxvilleAir conditioning is essential in the South. First designed by an engineer in 1902 for his printing plant, air conditioning has not only made heat more bearable for those who live in sweltering conditions, but it’s actually increased Southern population density according to The New York Times.

But how can the introduction of air conditioning increase population density? Surprisingly easily. The South is renowned for its real estate, specifically the amount of land you receive for your money, and its job industry. It’s also renowned for its stifling heat, especially in regions that have a higher humidity such as Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennessee. For instance, air conditioning companies in Knoxville TN may be more popular than air conditioning companies in Las Vegas, Nevada where the heat is dry.

Air conditioning renders that oppressive heat un-oppressive. In other words because of air conditioning the climate that may otherwise make someone apprehensive of moving to the South is no longer a negative and intolerable factor.

Not only has air conditioning attributed to the increase in the South’s population, but it’s attributed to an increase in the South’s economy. According to The Washington Post, “Before air-conditioning, American life followed seasonal cycles determined by weather. Workers’ productivity declined in direct proportion to the heat and humidity outside — and on the hottest days employees left work early and businesses shut their doors.”

Air conditioning, especially when chlorofluorocarbons (the chemical used in air conditioners that cool the air) were introduced, changed the labor game. Not only did more workers come down to the South because the heat was no longer a negative factor to their health, but those same workers could now work for longer during the day, therefore increasing output and profit.

However, the introduction of air conditioning to the South has its negatives. Chlorofluorocarbons are detrimental to the Earth’s ozone layer and can cause horrible damage to the environment if air conditioners are not disposed of properly once they’ve run their course. Air conditioners and HVAC systems also account for nearly 20% of American electricity use, according to The Washington Post. That’s a lot of coal to burn.

Yet these negatives can be easily avoided with proper air conditioner repair, maintenance, and energy reduction. For instance, by switching over to a high-efficiency air conditioner and by using other means of keeping your household cool, you could reduce the energy you use for your air condition up to 20 – 50%.

For more information regarding HVAC systems and air conditioning units in the South (specifically air conditioning units and air conditioning companies in Knoxville TN) contact your local air conditioning companies in Knoxville TN such as Pioneer Comfort to discuss your best air conditioning options.