ac unit repairsAs we approach the heat of high summer, we thought it might be prudent to revisit the idea of DIY repairs. It’s understandable why you might be tempted to attempt your own repairs, especially if your HVAC or AC unit stops working during the middle of a hot day.

DIY projects are a fun way to personalize your home or to upcycle objects that would otherwise be thrown away. In fact, there are a number of resources that have been development specifically catering to DIYers.

But AC unit repairs are always best left to the professions. The complicated wiring and mechanical components are simply beyond the average person, even with the help of a Youtube walkthrough.

Here are five more reasons why AC unit repairs should be handled professionally:

  • Less Likely to Experience Damage: Unlike DIYers, professionals know what AC parts are delicate and how best they are handled. Whereas a DYIer might accidentally damage an important part without even knowing it was there, accidentally turning a simple repair into a thousands-of-dollars replacement, a professional will have the skills and knowledge to avoid such blunders
  • Less Dangerous: DIY repairs can be dangerous. If you aren’t taking the proper precautions, there is a significant risk of electrocution. By hiring a professional, you circumvent this risk thanks to their in-depth training and experience.
  • Less of a Fire Risk: Improper wiring is a leading contributor to electrical fires. This again comes down to knowledge and experience, which can not only ensure a better working air conditioner but also reduce the chance of a fire devastating your home.
  • Fewer Warranty Worries: Did you know that having your air conditioning unit repaired by anyone other than a certified technician could void your warranty? Hiring a professional air conditioner contractor will save you the headache of having to pay out of pocket for any issues that might arise down the road that should be covered by warranty.

  • Less Ineffciency: Did you know improper installation could reduce the efficiency of your AC by 30%? Hiring a professional could keep you cooler for much less money.

The DIY craze is a great thing; it gets people experimenting with different ways of decorating and reusing items that might otherwise have been thrown away, but AC unit repairs are something that must be done by a professional.

If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning, call the licensed AC technicians at Pioneer Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.